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Breach of Employment Agreement
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Case Study – Damages from Breach of Employment Agreement

1. **Objective** 
We were approached to quantify the value of the damages resulting from a claim of wrongful dismissal. 
2. **Client Background** 
In 2000, our Client, Plaintiff, was employed as an insurance sales agent, employee and financial advisor for a large financial products and services provider (the “Defendants”). In 2016, Plaintiff was terminated for cause, effective immediately. Plaintiff alleged that his dismissal with without cause and without reasonable notice.
3. **Problem/Challenge** 
Plaintiff asked us to quantify the damages that he sustained as a result of the alleged wrongful dismissal. He asked us to quantify the amounts relating to;
  1. Payment due in lieu of notice of dismissal;
  2. A disputed deduction relating to a revocation of a renewal commission paid on a sale of a group policy which was released to another adviser upon the dismissal of Plaintiff;
  3. Loss of Income;
  4. Loss of Value of a Retirement Asset; and
  5. Loss of Income relating to a Group Saving Plan.
4. **Solution**
We reviewed the relevant employment legislation regarding employee termination procedures.
We reviewed the documentation supporting the disputed deduction.
We analyzed the income of Plaintiff over his 16 year employment with Defendants and forecast the loss as a result of the dismissal.
We reviewed the documentation supporting the Retirement Assets and forecast the loss as a result of the early dismissal.
We reviewed the documentation supporting the Group Savings Plan and forecast the loss as a result of the early dismissal.
5. **Results**
Our findings are presented below in Table 1.
Table 1 - Damages Summary
Table 1 - Damages Summary
Our client settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. He was happy with the outcome of our expert report.

6. **Testimonial**
“Caroline Troy asked me to write a few sentences about my experience working with her as a Business valuator. I worked with Caroline just over a year to get a valuation completed for my business. I found her overall passion towards people and work contribution to wanting to work with her in achieving the best results possible. I am satisfied with the results of the final report. Her ability to listen, suggest and guide during this time led to time spent effectively with a through analysis of the business. The end result a professional report in an easy to work with environment. I will use her again if need be and have no reservations to recommend her for the work she does.”