Oluwatosin Ajiboye

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Oluwatosin Ajiboye, Financial Analyst

Tosin is a highly skilled Business Analyst who excels in developing, documenting, and implementing processes and innovations that drive business success. With a strong analytical mindset and a knack for business process improvement, he offers a unique blend of logical thinking and business acumen.

Throughout his career, he has successfully collaborated with multifunctional teams on numerous multi-million-dollar oil and gas projects.

His responsibilities have included evaluating project risks, assessing project economics, and constructing comprehensive engineering and economic models to support critical decision-making processes. Additionally, he has demonstrated his proficiency in creating insightful dashboards that track and analyze finance, market intelligence, production, and budget performance data, contributing to informed business intelligence.

Tosin's educational background further enhances his expertise. He holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering and graduated at the top of his class, showcasing his exceptional aptitude. Moreover, he has obtained a Diploma in Accounting and Business, which adds valuable financial knowledge and a broader perspective to his skill set.

Tosin is an honest and fair-minded individual. In addition, his exceptional communication skills and ability to work effectively within teams amplify his impact at Troy Valuations.

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